CBT is an empirically validated form of therapy that is used to treat a wide variety of disorders including depression, anxiety and addictions.  It has been shown to help those with addictive patterns more effectively recognize stressors and triggers. 

This form of counseling focuses on negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors that can can lead to emotional and physical difficulties. 

We'll work together to promote positive behaviors and strengths that can lead to healthier functioning and enhanced life satisfaction.


This form of therapy focuses on free-will, self-determination and the search for meaning in one's life.  The focus is on you, rather than the symptom.  This approach focuses on one's capacity to make rational choices and to develop your maximum potential.  

Together, we'll focus on life enhancing experiences such as relationships, love, commitment, courage, creativity, spirituality, individuality, authenticity, acceptance and transcendence and awe.   The goal is to learn to make more willful decisions and how to live, drawing on creativity and love instead of letting outside events determine your life. 


Interpersonal Therapy is time-limited, diagnosis targeted treatment focused on interpersonal issues, including relationships with family and peers.  

We'll look at emotional patterns and their link between your relationships and mood.  The goal is improved interpersonal functioning using decision analysis (deciding what to do in life circumstances).




Mindfullness is one of the core ideas behind all elements of DBT. It helps individuals accept and tolerate the powerful emotions they may feel when challenging their habits or exposing them to upsetting situations.

The practice of mindfulness can also be intended to help one become more aware of their environments through their 5 senses: touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. 



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